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Howard Buskirk, Executive Senior Editor, joined Warren Communications News in 2004, after covering Capitol Hill for Telecommunications Reports. He has covered Washington since 1993 and was formerly executive editor at Energy Business Watch, editor at Gas Daily and managing editor at Natural Gas Week. Previous to that, he was a staff reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Greenville News. Follow Buskirk on Twitter: @hbuskirk

Recent Articles by Howard Buskirk

Biden Administration Making Progress Toward Spectrum Strategy

The Joe Biden administration could be poised to take an action the Donald Trump White House tried but wasn’t able to complete and release a national spectrum strategy, industry officials familiar with the administration’s work on the issue told us. That follows what could be key meeting in May at the Aspen Institute. FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel and NTIA Administrator Alan Davidson participated in the two-day session, which focused specifically on a national strategy.Read More >>

In Win for FCC, Wi-Fi, Unanimous DC Circuit Panel Upholds 5.9 GHz Order

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the FCC’s 2020 5.9 GHz order Friday, allocating 45 MHz of the band for Wi-Fi and 30 MHz for cellular vehicle-to-everything technology, in a win for the agency. As the court did in December on the 6 GHz order (see 2112280047), judges clarified in strong language that the FCC has significant discretion in spectrum decisions. ITS America and the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials brought the case, which was argued in January (see 2201250066).Read More >>

FCC May Consider Policy Statement as Next Step on Receiver Standards

With many commenters opposing receiver rules from the FCC, and supporting voluntary, industry-led standards (see 2207280050), the agency hasn’t necessarily reached a dead end on the issue, industry experts said. One potential next step would be a policy statement saying the FCC has the authority and intends to specify expectations about receiver vulnerability on a proceeding-by-proceeding basis. Commissioner Brendan Carr said Friday all options remain on the table.Read More >>

CTA: FCC Should Forget Receiver Rules, Focus on Voluntary Standards

CTA told the FCC the “record is clear” that voluntary, industry-led standards are the best approach to improving receiver performance, in reply comments posted Thursday in docket 22-137. The FCC logged more than 20 replies in the proceeding, on a notice of inquiry on receiver performance and potentially standards adopted by commissioners 4-0 in April (see 2204210049). Other comments largely echoed CTA’s arguments. Initial comments were posted a month ago (see 2206270045).Read More >>

T-Mobile Still Gaining Market Share Over Rivals

After AT&T and Verizon took stock market hits last week after disappointing Wall Street with Q2 results (see 2207220061) and (see 2207210059), T-Mobile Wednesday reported 723,000 postpaid phone net adds, 380,000 net new accounts and 560,000 high-speed internet adds. For the first time, postpaid churn for T-Mobile was lower than at Verizon, at 0.80% vs 0.81% for its rival. T-Mobile’s stock rose 5.2% to $140.91 Wednesday.Read More >>