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Howard Buskirk, Executive Senior Editor, joined Warren Communications News in 2004, after covering Capitol Hill for Telecommunications Reports. He has covered Washington since 1993 and was formerly executive editor at Energy Business Watch, editor at Gas Daily and managing editor at Natural Gas Week. Previous to that, he was a staff reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Greenville News. Follow Buskirk on Twitter: @hbuskirk

Recent Articles by Howard Buskirk

GSMA Experts See Focus Shifting to 5G-Advanced

6G isn’t the next step after 5G, but similar to 4G there will be an interim stage -- 5G advanced -- speakers said during a GSMA webinar Thursday. GSMA also released a white paper on 5G-advanced. Experts forecast increased use of new technologies like integration of sensing and communication (ISAC) and unified time frequency-division duplexing (UDD). Upcoming 3rd Generation Partnership Project Release-18 will be “the inaugural release” for 5G-advanced, GSMA said.Read More >>

Planning for 6G Must Start Now, as 5G Deploys, Experts Say

Experts said repeatedly at the ForumGlobal 6G conference Friday that planning needs to start now for the next generation of wireless beyond 5G. Speakers agreed regulators around the world will have to look at additional bands and put increased emphasis on more dynamic sharing.Read More >>

FCC Appears Poised to Take Hard Look at Provider Data Practices

The FCC appears increasingly likely to take a deeper dive into the data retention and privacy policies of wireless carriers. In recent days, Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel sent follow-up letters of inquiry to major wireless carriers and mobile virtual network operators, asking for documents and including further, highly detailed questions about their policies (see 2209070077).Read More >>

Industry Still Looking for 'Killer App' to Drive 5G Adoption

5G hype is in danger of outpacing reality, speakers said during an IEEE virtual event Thursday. At the same time, experts warned, no killer app has emerged that is driving consumers to think they need a 5G phone. House Communications Subcommittee member Rep. Buddy Carter, R-Ga., meanwhile voiced optimism during a Thursday Punchbowl News event (see 2209080053) about 5G’s potential role in increasing innovation in telehealth and autonomous vehicles.Read More >>

Some Experts Say ORAN Remains More Hype Than Reality

The first open radio access network projects are starting across the world, though when deployments will happen at scale remains an open question, experts said Wednesday during a Fierce Wireless virtual summit. Dish Network launched a 5G ORAN-based network in the U.S. and the administration began to develop rules for ORAN grants (see 2209060052), but questions have been raised about open networks security and several ORAN players downsized operations (see 2208180052).Read More >>