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Biography for Jimm Phillips

Jimm Phillips, Associate Editor, covers telecommunications policymaking in Congress for Communications Daily. He joined Warren Communications News in 2012 after stints at the Washington Post and the American Independent News Network. Phillips is a Maryland native who graduated from American University. You can follow him on Twitter: @jimmphillipsdc.

Recent Articles by Jimm Phillips

Lawmakers Seek Infrastructure Deal Broadband Details

Telecom-focused lawmakers want to see more information on how a bipartisan infrastructure proposal President Joe Biden backed Thursday structures broadband spending. Some Democrats also cited a likely follow-up bill to address, via budget reconciliation, infrastructure spending not in this compromise…Subscribe to Read >>

House Science OKs Rival Bill to Endless Frontier

The House Science Committee unanimously advanced Tuesday the National Science Foundation for the Future Act (HR-2225), setting up a likely showdown on whether the chamber will approve that bill rather than the rival Senate-passed U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (S-1260)…Subscribe to Read >>

Biden Revokes Trump Bans on TikTok

President Joe Biden revoked former President Donald Trump’s bans on U.S. transactions with major Chinese apps. Biden replaced them Wednesday with an executive order directing the Commerce Department to evaluate “transactions involving” apps “that may pose an undue risk of…Subscribe to Read >>

Senate Democrats Unconcerned With Biden's Lower Broadband Request

Telecom-focused Democratic senators demurred Monday and Tuesday from criticizing President Joe Biden for offering to substantially reduce the proposed broadband spending request in his infrastructure counteroffer to Republicans (see 2105210056). They insisted in interviews that Biden’s revised plan, which lowered…Subscribe to Read >>

Harris' Lead Seen Helping Administration's Broadband Spending Push

Vice President Kamala Harris’ new role shepherding the $100 billion broadband spending component of President Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposal shows that part of the plan is a priority for the administration and will help smooth talks on the path forward…Subscribe to Read >>