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Biography for Paul Gluckman

Paul Gluckman, Executive Senior Editor, is a 30-year Warren Communications News veteran having joined the company in May 1989 to launch its Audio Week publication. In his long career, Paul has chronicled the rise and fall of physical entertainment media like the CD, DVD and Blu-ray and the advent of ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology from its rudimentary standardization roots to its anticipated 2020 commercial launch.

Recent Articles by Paul Gluckman

Xfinity Mobile Seeks Expedited Discovery to ID Stolen-Phone Actors

Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile (XM) seeks expedited discovery in its complaint to thwart illegal trafficking in stolen phones (see 2211170061), said its motion Tuesday (docket 2:22-cv-01950]) in U.S. District Court for Arizona. XM especially seeks permission to serve nonparty subpoenas because certain nonparties “have significant evidence relevant to this case that they are otherwise under no duty to preserve and may destroy pursuant to their corporate document retention policies,” said the motion.Read More >>

Masimo’s Proposed Final Judgment Stretches the Truth, Says ex-CTO

Masimo and its Cercacor Labs subsidiary went too far in their proposed final judgment and permanent injunction against former Chief Technology Officer Marcelo Lamego when they sought to prevent Lamego and his company, True Wearables, from keeping certain confidential documents, said their objections Monday (docket 8:18-cv-02001) in U.S. District Court for Central California in Santa Ana.Read More >>

Masimo Moves for Final Judgment, Injunction Against its Former CTO

Masimo and its Cercacor Labs subsidiary moved Monday for a final judgment against former Chief Technology Officer Marcelo Lamego and a permanent injunction barring him from further misappropriating Masimo’s pulse oximetry trade secrets, said their proposed order (docket 8:18-cv-02001) in U.S. District Court for Central California in Santa Ana. U.S. District Judge James Selna’s “finding of facts” ruling Nov. 7 also said Lamego breached his fiduciary duty of loyalty to Cercacor and he violated his employment agreements by keeping confidential information and documents (see 2211170034).Read More >>

Amazon Flouted Workplace Safety Compliance Rules, Says Washington State

Amazon’s Oct. 3 complaint alleging Washington state’s requirement to abate hazards in the workplace violates its 14th Amendment rights to due process is a lawsuit that “fails at the starting gate,” said the Washington Department of Labor & Industries in a motion to dismiss Friday (docket 2:22-cv-01404) in U.S. District Court for Western Washington in Seattle.Read More >>

FTC Sues to Stop Alleged Amazon Tricksters Who Ignored Its Warnings

Defendants Kevin David Hulse and David Arnett, operating under an entity called DK Automation, have lured consumers into purchasing business opportunities since at least February 2020, promising to build purchasers a 100% “turnkey Amazon empire” that generates “passive income on autopilot,” alleged an FTC complaint Wednesday (docket 1:22-cv-23760) in U.S. District Court for Southern Florida in Miami.Read More >>