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Carr Talks 5G, Network Security With Taiwanese Regulators

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr met virtually with Taiwan leaders, the FCC said Wednesday. Carr spoke with the country's National Communications Commissioner Yeali Sun and Jeff Liu, director-general of the Department of Archives, Information Management and Telecommunications, for Taiwan’s Ministry of…

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Foreign Affairs. “Their discussion covered the two countries’ approaches to 5G and network security threats, as well as Commissioner Carr’s view that international telecom bodies should officially recognize Taiwan’s leading regulatory work,” said a news release. “As two vibrant democracies, our countries are vital economic and national security partners,” Carr said: “We also share a core set of values that inform our regulatory approaches to everything from next-gen networks to network security.” Carr has criticized Chinese policies. China's President Xi Jinping has made reunification with Taiwan a priority. China's Embassy didn't comment.