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Snapchat Patent Gives Operational Clues of Its Looming Smart Sunglasses Debut

Few technical or operational details were contained in a Snapchat blog post Saturday trumpeting the company’s imminent debut of smart sunglasses “with an integrated video camera that makes it easy to create Memories.” Called Spectacles, the glasses have … Subscribe to Read >>

FCC Approves First Qualcomm License Assisted Access Device, as Wi-Fi Questions Remain

The FCC authorized a Qualcomm device that uses license assisted access (LAA) to operate in the U.S., records show. The device is designed to work in 5 GHz spectrum widely used by Wi-Fi. The decision to move forward on … Subscribe to Read >>

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Amid NRDC Accusations, Samsung ‘Immensely Proud’ of Its Energy-Saving Technologies

The “motion lighting” and automatic brightness control functions on Samsung TVs “are default settings” and are “designed to save energy for consumers in real-world viewing conditions,” Samsung said in an expanded defense against Natural Resource Defense Council accusations that it’s misleading the public on TV energy usage (see 1609210068). Motion lighting “reduces screen brightness when the picture on the screen is in motion,” Samsung said in a statement posted Wednesday on the company’s U.S. newsroom site. Automatic brightness control “adjusts the brightness of the TV automatically according to the ambient light level to reduce power consumption,” it said. “Both are part of a range of features we have developed to help reduce the environmental impact of our TV technology.” Samsung’s TVs also have “additional viewing settings for specific user preferences” in which motion lighting and automatic brightness control “are not active by default,” Samsung said. Contrary to NRDC allegations that switching a TV’s picture setting out of default mode will disable the energy-saving features in a manner unbeknown to the user, “consumers are notified of this,” Samsung said. “Our TVs are compliant with U.S. government guidelines and regulations,” the company said. “We are immensely proud of our energy saving technologies, and will continue to innovate further in this area. Samsung is the winner of the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award for the last six consecutive years.” … Read More >>

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