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Top-Tier Membership in 8K Association Will Cost $40,000 in Annual Dues

8K Association (8KA) member companies vying for a seat on the 10-member board and for maximum voting and policy privileges will pay $40,000 in annual dues for the highest "principal" class of enrollment, said the fledgling group in an emailed call for membership applications Monday. 8KA plans a membership drive at the NAB Show, where it will offer a daylong seminar April 10 to give an "overview" of the 8K "ecosystem" and its "prospects for tomorrow” (see 1903140012).

Founding members AU Optronics, Hisense, Panasonic, Samsung and TCL approved 8KA’s bylaws March 20. That, plus defining 8KA’s three membership classes, were the group’s self-identified prerequisites for seeking new enrollees after forming at CES (see 1902120019).

The five founding members are expected to take 8KA board seats, leaving the five remaining vacancies up for election among new enrollees willing to pay the $40,000 cost of annual membership, emailed Insight Media President Chris Chinnock Monday. Chinnock, who's also 8KA’s executive director, has no voting rights and won’t serve on the board, said the bylaws.

Member companies seeking principal status in 8KA but no board seat will pay $20,000 annual dues, said a newly published membership agreement. That entitles principal members virtually all voting and policy privileges, including the ability to chair working groups, propose 8KA “initiatives” and view “pre-finalized” documents, it said. 8KA plans to form technical, promotion and certification and compliance working groups, said the bylaws.

Lower-tier “associate” and “supporter” membership classes also will be available, said the agreement. Associate members will pay $10,000 annual dues but can’t qualify for a board seat, though they can chair working groups if a board member so requests it, it said. Supporter members pay only $3,000 but have virtually none of the entitlements of the other two classes, except for the freedom to attend the annual meeting, display the 8KA logo and receive documents once they’re finalized, it said.

Any companies and organizations “planning to design, produce, distribute or display 8K resolution content are invited to apply for membership,” said 8KA in its Monday call for applications. Members will elect officers and a board at their next annual meeting, said the bylaws.

Members agree to keep confidential for three years “all information disclosed, discussed and/or exchanged” during any 8KA activity, said the bylaws. They agree to guard the confidentiality of materials “with at least the same degree of care” used to protect trade secrets, they said. “In working toward the achievement of its stated purpose,” 8KA and its members “may choose to comply with the National Cooperative Research and Production Act,” they said. With proper notifications to DOJ and the FTC, the 1993 statute extends antitrust protections to members of industry groups (see 1703270055).