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No Trump Tariffs on Vietnam, but USTR Finds Hanoi’s Currency Practices ‘Actionable’

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative won't impose Trade Act Section 301 tariffs on Vietnam imports in the remaining days of the Trump administration for Hanoi’s allegedly improper devaluation of the dong against the dollar, said the agency Friday…Subscribe to Read >>

Holiday Sales Jumped 8%, Blowing Past NRF Forecast, Despite Pandemic's Shadow

November-December holiday sales sailed past National Retail Federation forecasts, soaring an “unexpectedly high” 8.3% over the 2019 period, despite COVID-19 challenges, reported the trade group Friday. Total U.S. retail sales for the period were $789.4 billion, including e-commerce and physical…Subscribe to Read >>

'Notorious' Counterfeit Markets Still Thriving Worldwide, Reports USTR

The 2020 report on "notorious" world markets for counterfeit and pirated goods, published Thursday by the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, focused heavily on websites and apps where one can readily download or stream pirated movies, shows, music and…Subscribe to Read >>

Tech, Telecom Executives Gave Extensively to GOP Election Objectors, Records Show

Public records show top tech and telecom executives gave campaign contributions in recent years to several members of Congress who objected to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory. Numerous tech and telecom companies halted political action committee contributions after the Jan…Subscribe to Read >>

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CTA Seeks ‘Transparent’ Section 301 Probe Into Vietnam Currency Practices

CTA views the World Trade Organization as “a more suitable option” than a Section 301 investigation for adjudicating allegations that Vietnam is deliberately undervaluing the dong against the dollar to gain an unfair economic advantage over the U.S., said Sage…Read More >>

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NTIA "virtual industry roundtable listening session" on secure 5G strategy, 10 a.m. EST — see here
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