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OK Chips Funding, ‘Get It to My Desk,’ Biden Urges Congress

President Joe Biden and Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger used Intel’s announcement Friday of its $20 billion investment to build two semiconductor fabs in central Ohio as an appeal for congressional enactment of the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (USICA) and…Subscribe to Read >>

Netflix ‘Trying to Pinpoint’ What's Slowing Sub Acquisition Growth: CFO

Though the overall Netflix business in Q4 was “healthy,” with subscriber retention strong, churn down and viewing engagement up, “we didn't grow acquisition quite as fast as we would have liked to see on our large subscriber base,” said Chief…Subscribe to Read >>

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Shapiro Defends CES 2022 Health, Safety Measures as ‘Precedent Setting’

COVID-19 booster shots “were not available for most Americans in the US until November and globally their availability was spotty and only in certain countries,” emailed CTA President Gary Shapiro Friday on his association’s rationale for not requiring boosters at…Read More >>