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NRF Upgrades Holiday Growth Forecast on Strong Recent Momentum

The 2021 holiday season is poised to top the National Retail Federation's strong growth forecast, despite supply chain disruptions, inflation, early shopping and concerns over the COVID-19 omicron variant, said NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz Friday.Subscribe to Read >>

CCIA to ITC: Banning Google Smart Speakers Would Harm US Consumers

The audio functionality that's at the heart of the Sonos patent fight with Google “is only a small piece” of what Google smart speakers provide, and excluding them from U.S. importation “would harm U.S. consumers and the U.S. economy,” commented…Subscribe to Read >>

Nvidia Stands by Proposed $40B Arm Buy, as FTC Sues to Block It

Nvidia on Thursday defended its $40 billion agreement to buy Arm from SoftBank, hours after the FTC filed a lawsuit to block the transaction on grounds the combined firm would “stifle competing next-generation technologies.” Nvidia announced the deal in September…Subscribe to Read >>

Texas Social Media Law Blocked; Gov. Abbott to 'Immediately Appeal'

Texas will appeal a U.S. district court pausing the state's social media law, said a spokesperson for Gov. Greg Abbott (R) Thursday. Internet associations that challenged the law expected Texas to appeal Wednesday’s preliminary injunction, their officials said in interviews…Subscribe to Read >>

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Digital CES Component Here to Stay as 'Almost a CES Bonus': Shapiro

The digital component of CES will extend beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, said Jean Foster, CTA senior vice president-marketing and communications, at the CES Unveiled New York event Wednesday at the Rainbow Room. “When you actually allow people to join digitally…Read More >>

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