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Amazon Seen Setting New Prime Day Record, With Online Sales Strong, Says Adobe

With Amazon’s Prime Day beginning Monday, its competitors are prepping their own deals to ride the coattails of the high-profile July shopping event. “Other retailers are increasingly jumping on the Amazon Prime Day bandwagon with competing sales,” said Taylor … Subscribe to Read >>

Smart Home Market Presents Unique Challenges for Energy Star Spec, Says EPA

The EPA is encouraging smart home companies to “get in on the ground floor” and start considering energy use “from the beginning,” said Abigail Daken, EPA environmental engineer, on an EPA discussion webinar Wednesday about the potential of … Subscribe to Read >>

DOJ's AT&T/TW Appeal Has Some Cheering, Others Scratching Heads

With some seeing a DOJ signal about aggressive antitrust enforcement and others scratching their heads, experts were all over the map about DOJ's planned appeal of the AT&T/Time Warner decision (see 1807120068). Some questioned whether the decision … Subscribe to Read >>

With GDPR, California Law, Senate GOP Members Open to Privacy Legislation

Given the patchwork of state and international privacy laws developing with the EU general data protection regulation and California’s new measure (see 1806290043), Senate Republicans told us they are open to legislating. And that chamber's Democrats seek such … Subscribe to Read >>

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For Disney to Buy Much of 21st Century Fox, DOJ Would Require 22 RSNs be Sold

For Disney's $71.3 billion deal to buy much of 21st Century Fox, DOJ said it would require the would-be acquirer to divest 22 regional sports networks. In a settlement agreed to by Disney, the Antitrust Division filed suit Wednesday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Justice announced. "To streamline agency clearance, Disney agreed to divest the 22 RSNs rather than continue with the Antitrust Division’s ongoing merger investigation." Smaller cable operators and others recently said they were concerned about such RSN concentration. Read More >>

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