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Final Energy Star Version 8.0 TV Spec ‘Reflects a Good Balance,’ Says EPA Memo

The final Energy Star Version 8.0 TV specification, released Friday after months of delays, “reflects a good balance between the need to ensure [energy] savings while preserving manufacturers’ freedom to innovate in their designs,” EPA said in a cover … Subscribe to Read >>

UEI CEO Bullish on Voice Remote Transition, but It's Slower Than 'We Would Like'

The transition to voice-enabled remote controls is “not happening as quickly as we would like,” said Universal Electronics CEO Paul Arling on Thursday on a Q4 earnings call Thursday. However, Universal is “quite confident” in the technology’s long-term value … Subscribe to Read >>

Universal Display Mum on Speculation Samsung Will Make OLED TV Panels

Executives at OLED technology leader Universal Display sidestepped questions Thursday about specific terms and implications of the agreement they announced Feb. 14 to supply OLED materials and licenses to Samsung Display through 2022 (see 1802140019). Analysts repeatedly tried … Subscribe to Read >>

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‘No Evidence’ That Exhibit Power Draw Contributed to CES Blackout, Says LVCC

The “unprecedented amount of rain” that fell on Las Vegas Tuesday was the main culprit responsible for the two-hour power outage that blacked out the Las Vegas Convention Center’s Central Hall at the midday peak of Day 2 Wednesday at CES (see 1801100027), said Jeremy Handel, spokesman for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), which runs the LVCC. The flooding rains, coupled with “the accompanying moisture in the air,” caused “condensation” to form on the LVCC’s “electrical equipment which eventually led to the failure,” said Handel. The National Weather Service reported that a record 1.33 inches of rain inundated Las Vegas Tuesday. … Read More >>

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USTelecom webinar on ISP copyright liability, 1 p.m. — see here and
Mobile World Congress 2018, Barcelona — see here
Davis Wright daylong "download LA" event, SLS Hotel Beverly Hills, 465 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles — see here
Senate Commerce Committee executive session on FTC nominees, 10 a.m., 106 Dirksen — see here
CTA event on 5G, including FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, 10 a.m., Wilkinson Barker, #800N, 1800 M St. NW — see here
National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence workshop on public comments on draft report on automated and distributed digital threats under cybersecurity executive order, at NCCoE, 9700 Great Seneca Highway, Rockville, Maryland — see here
Postponed to April 12. FCC Technological Advisory Council meets, 10 a.m., Commission Meeting Room — see here

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