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Rebecca Day, Senior editor of Consumer Electronics Daily and contributing editor to Communications Daily and Washington Internet Daily, joined Warren Communications News in 2010. She’s a longtime CE industry veteran who has also written about consumer tech for Popular Mechanics, Residential Tech Today, CE Pro and others. You can follow Day on Instagram and Twitter: @rebday

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D2C Brands See Growing E-Commerce Sales, but Challenges Mount, Says Report

Direct-to-consumer e-commerce sales are forecast to grow 24.3% in 2020, to $17.75 billion, said eMarketer Wednesday. It’s the first time the market researcher broke out the D2C segment, which it defines as digitally native brands that started…Subscribe to Read >>

Americans Stepping Up Video Streaming, Contactless Food Delivery, Says CTA

American households are seeing a lifestyle shift as millions stay home because of COVID-19,said CTA Friday. It highlighted a higher rate of video streaming and adoption of tech such as contactless food and grocery delivery. Companies that measure…Subscribe to Read >>

GameStop 'as of Now' Sees No COVID-19 Impact on Q4 Game-Console Launches

GameStop is continuing to work with console makers as the next gaming cycle revs for a much-anticipated 2020 release. On effects from the COVID-19 pandemic, “as of now, we have no indication of any impact on the product launch…Subscribe to Read >>

Target Withdraws Q1 Earnings Guidance, Citing COVID-19's Big Uncertainties

Target withdrew its earnings guidance for fiscal Q1 ending early May amid the “highly fluid and uncertain outlook” that COVID-19 created in consumer shopping patterns and government lockdown policies. There's “an unusually wide range of potential outcomes,” it said…Subscribe to Read >>

Tech Scrambles to Back Customers as COVID-19 Social Distancing Expands

Tech businesses are scrambling to introduce ways to support customers as the COVID-19 pandemic spreads. Subscribe to Read >>