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Rebecca Day, Senior editor, joined Warren Communications News in 2010. She’s a longtime CE industry veteran who has also written about consumer tech for Popular Mechanics, Residential Tech Today, CE Pro and others. You can follow Day on Instagram and Twitter: @rebday

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To say that a lot has changed in the tech world in the 21 years since Consumer Electronics Daily launched Oct. 16, 2001, would be understatement at its best. One of the most profound changes has been a shift from bulky entertainment playback devices to an internet-powered, software-based world with virtual players and streamed content.Read More >>

Worldwide PC shipments fell year on year for the fifth consecutive quarter as worsening macroeconomic conditions led consumers and businesses to take a cautious approach to spending, reported Canalys Wednesday. Q3 shipments fell 14% from the prior-year quarter to 105.6 million; shipments increased just 1% from Q2 on “major supply disruption” due to COVID-19 lockdowns in China, said the research firm.Read More >>

Smart TVs had better-than-expected sell-through on Black Friday, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter wrote investors Monday, saying connected TVs won “the in-store wallet.” Wedbush’s in-store Black Friday consumer electronic channel checks indicated inventory and sell-through were lighter in most categories, aside from smart TVs, “even as elevated inventory threatened to overwhelm tighter demand in the current environment.”Read More >>