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Strand Consult Urges Eutelsat to Exit Russia

Eutelsat, Mavenir and other telecom companies continuing to operate in Russia "communicate a tacit disregard for the oppression of Ukrainians and callous desire to profit from the warmongering Russian regime despite the costs," blogged Strand Communications Saturday. It said Eutelsat…

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has options, including ending service in Russia, asking U.S. and E.U. leaders to compel it to do so, or continuing to provide connectivity there, but also transmitting non-Russian media channels. Eutelsat emailed that it is in compliance with current international sanctions "and remains attentive to their potential evolution in coordination with the competent authorities." It said many international channels remain available for Russian viewers in free-to-air packages. Eutelsat said it implemented the March 1 E.U. Council Regulation suspending broadcast of Russia Today.