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Howard Buskirk, Executive Senior Editor, joined Warren Communications News in 2004, after covering Capitol Hill for Telecommunications Reports. He has covered Washington since 1993 and was formerly executive editor at Energy Business Watch, editor at Gas Daily and managing editor at Natural Gas Week. Previous to that, he was a staff reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Greenville News. Follow Buskirk on Twitter: @hbuskirk

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The FCC Office of Engineering and Technology appears to be taking a relatively conservative approach to interference mitigation in the 6 GHz band as it works through issues raised in an April 2020 Further NPRM (see 2004230059), industry officials told us. Apple and Apple/Qualcomm met with OET in recent days on the Monte Carlo simulations the tech companies are relying on to justify very-low power (VLP) operations in 6 GHz at the 14 dBm power levels proposed in the FNPRM.Read More >>

Wireless carriers, like companies in every other sector, are having to learn how to use AI, said Meghna Sinha, Verizon vice president-AI, and other speakers during a Fierce Wireless virtual event Monday. Carriers don’t have a choice, Sinha said: “The sheer volume that runs through our network is so large. Detecting patterns, making sure that we can catch issues quickly, it’s just not possible through humans or through spreadsheets -- that is where AI comes in.”Read More >>

The emerging world of the metaverse and digital twinning (see 2210190017) will require more powerful networks, though how much more powerful is an open question, said Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark at the Nokia and New York University Brooklyn 6G Summit Tuesday. The metaverse has been defined as the ability to render 3D virtual worlds in real time, with an unlimited number of users able to experience them at the same time, he said.Read More >>

A draft notice of inquiry exploring the future of 13 GHz spectrum is expected to be approved Thursday largely as circulated by Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel (see 2210060062). Only CTIA filed comments in 22-352, the docket created for the proceeding. FCC officials said outreach to the commission and discussion of the item among the offices have been minimal, which they said is typical for an NOI.Read More >>