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Biography for Howard Buskirk

Howard Buskirk, Executive Senior Editor, joined Warren Communications News in 2004, after covering Capitol Hill for Telecommunications Reports. He has covered Washington since 1993 and was formerly executive editor at Energy Business Watch, editor at Gas Daily and managing editor at Natural Gas Week. Previous to that, he was a staff reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Greenville News. Follow Buskirk on Twitter: @hbuskirk

Recent Articles by Howard Buskirk

Pandemic Accelerated 'Digital Revolution,' Verizon CEO Tells CES

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg in a CES keynote highlighted 5G and the technology made possible by the new generation of wireless: "You’re seeing change right before your eyes.”Subscribe to Read >>

Biden Sees Big Tech Role in US Recovery, Next NEC Chief Tells CES

Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council for the incoming Biden administration, said at the virtual CES 2021 Tuesday the tech sector will play a role in the recovery of the U.S. economy, hit hard by the pandemic. Deese…Subscribe to Read >>

Rosenworcel Seen as Front-Runner for Next FCC Chair

FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel is considered the front-runner to be the next chair of the FCC, but others are also lining up support. Among other top candidates are Wiley’s Anna Gomez, Gigi Sohn of the Georgetown Law Institute for Technology…Subscribe to Read >>

Zoom Seeks National Direction on Privacy, Backs CDA S. 230, Says Policy Czar

Privacy rules for companies like Zoom are “becoming clearer,” though work remains, said Josh Kallmer, head-global public policy. “Privacy is an incredibly complex subject, and there are some very complex pieces of the law out there around the world and…Subscribe to Read >>

Further 6 GHz Rule Change Could Wait for Next FCC Chair

Further changes to rules for the 6 GHz band could wait for the next administration, some speculated in interviews last week. Chairman Ajit Pai declined to seek a vote at the Dec. 10 commissioners' meeting and it's unclear if he…Subscribe to Read >>