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Biography for Karl Herchenroeder

Karl Herchenroeder, Associate Editor, is a technology policy journalist for publications including Communications Daily. Born in Rockville, Maryland, he joined the Warren Communications News staff in 2018. He began his journalism career in 2012 at the Aspen Times in Aspen, Colorado, where he covered city government. After that, he covered the nuclear industry for ExchangeMonitor in Washington. You can follow Herchenroeder on Twitter: @karlherk

Recent Articles by Karl Herchenroeder

Senate Judiciary Advances Tech Bill to Floor

The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 16-6 Thursday to advance to the floor a bill that would ban Big Tech platforms from self-preferencing products (see 2201140049). Despite calls from tech companies and Republicans for a legislative hearing, Senate Antitrust Subcommittee Chair…Subscribe to Read >>

FTC, DOJ Aim for Joint M&A Guidelines Update in 2022

Their agencies hope to issue joint takeover guidelines this year, DOJ Antitrust Division Chief Jonathan Kanter announced with FTC Chair Lina Khan Tuesday. The rise in mergers and acquisitions has been a key driver in consolidation, including in tech, and…Subscribe to Read >>

Sponsors Optimistic as Self-Preferencing Big Tech Bill Heads to Markup

Sponsors of a bill that would ban Big Tech platforms from self-preferencing their products are optimistic about passage, but two Republican holdouts shared reservations in interviews last week. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S-2992) is set for markup…Subscribe to Read >>

Groups Don’t Expect Internet Association Replacement

Don’t expect the tech industry to replace the Internet Association, due to a lack of justification for the investment and to duplicative associations, tech officials told us in interviews. IA shuttered at the end of 2021 (see 2112150026).Subscribe to Read >>

Cantwell: USICA Passage a Primary Senate Commerce Goal

The Senate Commerce Committee’s primary goal is to get the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act (S-1260) signed into law, Chair Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., said Friday during a CES 2022 panel streamed from Las Vegas.Subscribe to Read >>