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Biography for Paul Gluckman

Paul Gluckman, Executive Senior Editor, is a 30-year Warren Communications News veteran having joined the company in May 1989 to launch its Audio Week publication. In his long career, Paul has chronicled the rise and fall of physical entertainment media like the CD, DVD and Blu-ray and the advent of ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology from its rudimentary standardization roots to its anticipated 2020 commercial launch.

Recent Articles by Paul Gluckman

Ultimate Phase 1 Trade Deal ‘Remedy’ Is to 'Withdraw' Under ‘Bad Faith’ Negotiations, Says Text

The phase one “economic and trade agreement” the U.S. and China signed Wednesday will take effect in 30 days and can be terminated by either country with 60 days written notice, said the deal's text. Phase one is…Subscribe to Read >>

States 'Entitled' to Injunction Blocking T-Mobile/Sprint, They Say in Closing Argument

Permitting T-Mobile to buy Sprint would defy the “loud and clear message” of Congress and courts to “trust competition,” said plaintiff states’ outside counsel, Glenn Pomerantz of Munger Tolles, in the bench trial’s closing argument Wednesday in U.S. District…Subscribe to Read >>

‘Traditional’ PC Shipments Recorded Their First Uptick in 7 Years, Reports IDC

Global shipments of “traditional” PCs, including desktops, laptops and workstations, increased 2.7 percent to 266.7 million units in 2019, the first full year of PC growth since 2011, reported IDC Monday. Q4 shipments jumped 4.8 percent to 71.8…Subscribe to Read >>

Tariffs Reducing China’s Share of US TV Imports by More Than Half From 2018

Nearly 70 percent of TV sets imported to the U.S. in November originated in Mexico, a stunning turnabout from a year earlier when only a third of TV imports came from south of the border, said new Census Bureau…Subscribe to Read >>

As Tariffs Loomed on Chinese Smartphones, US Importers Turned Toward Vietnam

U.S. smartphone importers abruptly shifted more sourcing toward Vietnam and less from China in November, the last full month before the scheduled imposition of the 15 percent List 4B Section 301 tariffs on Chinese handsets, as was evident in…Subscribe to Read >>