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Biography for Paul Gluckman

Paul Gluckman, Executive Senior Editor, is a 30-year Warren Communications News veteran having joined the company in May 1989 to launch its Audio Week publication. In his long career, Paul has chronicled the rise and fall of physical entertainment media like the CD, DVD and Blu-ray and the advent of ATSC 3.0 broadcast technology from its rudimentary standardization roots to its anticipated 2020 commercial launch.

Recent Articles by Paul Gluckman

CCIA to ITC: Banning Google Smart Speakers Would Harm US Consumers

The audio functionality that's at the heart of the Sonos patent fight with Google “is only a small piece” of what Google smart speakers provide, and excluding them from U.S. importation “would harm U.S. consumers and the U.S. economy,” commented…Subscribe to Read >>

Nvidia Stands by Proposed $40B Arm Buy, as FTC Sues to Block It

Nvidia on Thursday defended its $40 billion agreement to buy Arm from SoftBank, hours after the FTC filed a lawsuit to block the transaction on grounds the combined firm would “stifle competing next-generation technologies.” Nvidia announced the deal in September…Subscribe to Read >>

Diversifying Supply Chains Can’t Be ‘Government-Led’: State Department

The U.S. needs to work with global trading allies to find long-term fixes to the supply chain crisis that will transcend future American administrations, Matt Murray, senior bureau official in the State Department’s Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, told…Subscribe to Read >>

GlobalFoundries Fabs ‘Running White Hot,’ at Full Utilization, Says CEO

The chip shortage in the auto industry spurred many GlobalFoundries automotive customers to sign long-term agreements (LTAs) with the chipmaker “to ensure supply continuity for their new products that ramp over the next three to five years,” said CEO Tom…Subscribe to Read >>

Sony BD Goods With Cinavia Watermarks Infringe 2007 Patent: Complaint

At least eight models of Sony Blu-ray players, plus all PlayStation 3, PS4 and PS5 game consoles with Blu-ray drives, infringe an October 2007 patent (7,289,961) on audio watermarking from two University of Rochester engineering professors because the products come…Subscribe to Read >>